forklift-trainer-certification-programsWe deliver a variety of Forklift Trainer Certification Programs at our locations in Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, North Dakota, Virginia, Hawaii, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Sending your trainee to an instructor training program is a cost effective method to get the training you need to start your in-house forklift operator training. Trainees will gain the knowledge, skills, tools and support they need to be an effective trainer. They will learn to communicate classroom theory concepts and conduct hands-on equipment specific safety training, testing and evaluation.

IVES Training Group and IVES Certified Trainers train more lift truck operators than any other company in North America. We set the standard for workplace safety when it comes to the operation of counterbalanced forklifts, narrow aisle reach truck forklifts, rough terrain telehandler forklifts (variable reach) and powered pallet trucks. Our trainer programs aren’t make or model specific, we cover all types of forklifts including Clark, Hyster, Raymond, Clark, Crown, John Deer, Toyota, Nissan and Yale.

When your company qualifies someone as an IVES Certified Trainer everybody wins. Employers enjoy lower operating costs due to less equipment related incidents as well the security of being full regulatory compliance and employees reap the benefits that come with being in a safe working environment.

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Premium Combo Trainer Certification

Our Premium Combo Trainer Certification Program is designed to certify instructors who wish to qualify operators on counterbalanced forklifts, rough terrain (all terrain) telehandler forklifts, boomlifts and scissor lifts.

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Premium Forklift Trainer Certification

Our 4-Day Premium Forklift Trainer Certification Program encompasses counterbalanced forklift, narrow aisle forklift and powered pallet truck in a Train the Trainer course unparalleled in the industry. Trainees receive in-depth instruction on powered industrial forklift trucks as well as extensive instruction on how to effectively train forklift operators.

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Express Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer Certification

Our 2-Day Express Counterbalanced Forklift Trainer Certification Program is a fast paced Train the Trainer program specific to counterbalanced forklifts. While not as extensive as our premium programs in scope or depth, it is the best quality 2-day Train the Trainer program available.

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Rough Terrain Forklift Trainer Upgrade

Our Rough Terrain Forklift Trainer Upgrade Program is exclusively for IVES Certified Trainers of forklift operators who wish to acquire the technical knowledge needed to train operators of rough terrain (all terrain) variable reach (telehandler) forklifts.

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Alternatively, we can come to you! We can deliver Train the Trainer or operator training for whatever equipment types you have at your workplace. For more details check out our On-Site Training Programs.